You are volunteering for Field Day Volunteers

Date: May 17, 2019   (Start Time: 9:00 am  /  End Time: 3:15 pm)

We are looking for volunteers for our annual field day event on Friday, May 17th! Come join in on the fun! The morning session will include K-2nd students and runs from 9:30 am- 12:00 pm. The afternoon session is for grades 3rd-5th and runs from 12:45 pm- 3:15 pm. You can volunteer for either the morning session, afternoon session or both! Lunch is provided for our all day volunteers.

Chairperson: Molly Longhouse (email:, phone: )
Morning Volunteer, 9:30- 12:00
(12 filled, no more needed)
Afternoon Volunteer, 12:45- 3:15
(16 filled, no more needed)

Current Volunteers

Morning Volunteer, 9:30- 12:00 (12 of 12 filled)

Lisa Kraft
Amy Lewis
Lindsay Sullivan
Erica Fouss
Beth Sleeper
Savannah Breckler
Stacie Ware
Amy nolan
Christine Medley
Erin Saad
Lauren Carney
Amy Czarnecki

Afternoon Volunteer, 12:45- 3:15 (16 of 16 filled)

Sarah Kern Kildow
My children are participating in the morning session, so if a spot should become available, I would prefer to do that...just let me know! Otherwise, I’d be happy to fulfill this afternoon session.
Sonali Kandhari
Amy nolan
Kelli Diem
Erica Fouss
Julie Hines
Amy Dimpfl
Shirali Shah
Megan Larkin
Christina Koboldt
Dan Koboldt
Alpesh Mehta
aerin Sandstrom
Nicole Bursh
Anissa Lombardozzi
Sherry Mayfield